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Put Your Self Care First in 2018

myshapa January 1, 2018

4 tips for prioritizing your health and wellness this year

Everyone knows January is the busiest month at the gym. Whether it’s New Year’s resolutions or after-the-holidays diet regret, motivation is high at the beginning of the year—but then it wanes.

If doing the same things to lose weight and get healthy hasn’t helped you reach your goals, Shapa has your back. Our extraordinary concept, based in behavioral science, represents a fresh new approach to weight loss!So, kudos to you for getting started. Here are our top tips for putting yourself first this year:

Tip# 1 Give Yourself Credit

The first step to improving your health and wellness is recognizing that self-care is a positive experience. Give yourself credit for making your happiness a priority. Choosing Shapa reflects your commitment to your health. Getting started can be the hardest part of any new venture, and you’re already on your way.

Tip #2 Design Your Journey

Your journey to long-term weight management is just that—your journey. It’s yours, and no one else’s. Which means you decide what the journey looks like and how you’re going to adapt your habits and lifestyle to support your journey. Don’t compare it to your previous attempts at weight loss—Shapa is unlike anything you’ve tried before. You might be tempted to compare your experience to a friend’s or family member’s weight loss experience—but don’t. Set your own goals, create your own milestones, and enjoy your personal journey to ultimate health and fitness.

Tip #3 Envision Your Success

Ask any great athlete about their pre-game routine and they’ll likely tell you how they envision the game or match going. Visualizing is a powerful tool and an excellent resource for you to tap into on your journey. More than just picturing how you want to look and feel when you reach your goals, challenge yourself to envision every part of your journey. Imagine yourself using the Shapa program this week. Picture the diet and fitness choices you’ll make this weekend. By envisioning your success in detail, you give your at-rest mind a clear picture of what you want and how you’re planning to get there.

Tip #4 Say Yes to Yourself

Sometimes saying “Yes” to yourself means giving yourself permission to say “No” to someone else. Saying “No” is hard, and the closer you are to someone, the harder it can be. It’s difficult to tell your friends: “No, I don’t want to eat at a fast-food restaurant tonight.” It can be hard to tell your partner “No” when they offer you a bite of their dessert. And, it can be super challenging to tell your boss, colleague, neighbor, etc., “No” when they ask you to take on that one extra thing that will keep you from putting yourself first. Practice saying “Yes” to yourself by saying “No” to anything that has the potential to impede your success. There will be plenty of time later for giving to others. Now’s the time to focus on creating your best self!

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