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Easy Non-Food Rewards When Losing Weight

myshapa January 11, 2018

Motivate Me

Easy ideas for finding non-food rewards and motivation on your Shapa journey!

Isn’t it amazing how the simplest concepts can be the hardest to change? For instance, have you ever celebrated reaching a weight-loss milestone by going out to dinner? Or rewarded yourself for a great workout with a smoothie? It’s surprising how easy it is to make food the prize for a job well done—even when the achievement is weight loss.

When we work hard to achieve a goal (weight loss or other) it’s natural to want to acknowledge it. The challenge is finding a way to celebrate without derailing our health and wellness efforts. A true reward offers long-term satisfaction, not just short-term enjoyment.

Start Your Wish List

When it’s time to celebrate your next achievement, we want you to be ready. Start by creating a list—on your phone or a notepad by your bed—of small gifts you’d like to receive if today was your birthday. Maybe it’s a spa day, or a pair of boots, or a new bottle of your favorite perfume. Thing big, but reasonably, and revise this list as frequently as you like. These are now your go-to options of big rewards—perfect for when you reach an important milestone along your journey.

Identify Mini Rewards

While big milestones warrant big rewards, small successes deserve recognition too. Start a list of reward ideas that are appealing, yet easier to implement. Maybe it’s a pedicure or a new gym bag or a magazine. To make it feel special, focus on things you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself or do for yourself. Ideas for these include:

  1. Buy yourself some flowers
  2. Get a lottery ticket
  3. Buy a houseplant or something for your garden
  4. Get some new gym clothes
  5. Buy some new songs for your workout playlist

Get Creative

And for those everyday achievements, it’s good to have a list of freebies that you look forward to as well. These are perfect for when you complete a mission or step on your Shapa consistently for a week. Here are a few of our favorite free rewards:

  1. Take a selfie to celebrate your progress
  2. Go on a picnic
  3. Take a nap or sleep in
  4. Color or do a puzzle
  5. Call a buddy and share your success
  6. Take a bubble bath
  7. Spend an hour away from your phone
  8. Try a new class or download a new app
  9. Take a leisurely walk
  10. Visit the library or bookstore
  11. Go to the park
  12. Volunteer
  13. Call an old friend

The time to plan your non-food rewards is now, before you need them. If you wait until you reach your goal or milestone, it’s too easy to repeat old habits and reward yourself with food.

One of the greatest rewards you can give yourself on your Shapa journey is the gift of positivity. No matter what you’re celebrating, take the time to acknowledge the value of what you’ve achieved and the experience itself. Give yourself credit for the work you’re doing to make your health and wellness a priority. The journey itself is part of the reward.

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