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katiehinman February 26, 2020

How do I refer a friend to Shapa?

We know that when something has made a big difference in your life, you want to share it with others so they can experience it with you! We have created a referral program where all you need to do is enter your friend(s) email. 

Plus if your friend signs up for the Shapa yearly plan, you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card! To start referring, follow this link and provide up to 5 friends to Shapa and begin building healthy habits together! 

Is there a limit on how many people I can refer to? 

Nope! Your community is our community. You will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card for each person you refer 🙂 

When will I receive the $20 Amazon Gift Card?

We are so excited to have your friends join us! As soon as your friend purchases the Shapa Numberless Scale and yearly Program through your link, you will receive a confirmation email that your friend has joined. Shapa will email you a $20 Amazon Gift Card once your friend continues their plan for 45 days.

Refer friends now!

Refer a friend Instructions & Terms: 
Refer a friend to sign up for the Shapa Numberless Scale and Yearly Plan. Shapa will send you an electronic $20 Amazon gift card forty-five (45) days after the referred friend has purchased the Shapa Numberless Scale and Yearly Plan. You are eligible to receive one (1) electronic $20 Amazon gift card for each friend who successfully joins Shapa and remains with Shapa for at least forty five (45) days. No gift cards will be awarded for referred friends who cancel or request a refund within the first forty-five (45) days after the initial purchase.

Shapa will only use your friend(s) information to deliver the message about purchasing the Shapa Numberless Scale and Yearly Plan on your behalf and will not use it for other purposes.

Looking to sleep better, eat a bit healthier, move more, build a practice of self-care, or just want to feel more energy each day? Let Shapa be your virtual coach. Shapa focuses your program based on YOUR lifestyle and YOUR goals so you can build healthy habits and achieve lasting results. Learn more about the Shapa difference.

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