Step off the
yo-yo diet treadmill

Sure you can lose weight with strict diet and exercise, but can you keep it off? Shapa’s scientifically-developed 3-step system provides the daily feedback, encouragement, and support you need to stay focused and motivated while you develop healthy habits. So you keep pounds off permanently.

Lose weight in your first 30 days, or your Shapa membership is free

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Tired of losing weight only to regain it again?

At last - a proven way to stay motivated and build the healthy habits behind long-term weight loss

Shapa is the 3-step system that harnesses the science of behavioral change and the power of artificial intelligence to help you develop healthy habits and lose weight for good. Guaranteed.

A smart scale

that screens out misleading weight fluctuations so you actually enjoy tracking your progress

A personalized app

with daily reminders, rewards and health-focused missions so you reach your goal

An expert-led community

and up to 7 seats per membership so support is always available

Lose weight in your first 30 days, or your Shapa membership is free

Members agree Shapa helps them achieve weight-loss goals

Shapa is the BEST!

"Shapa has guided me to obtain my health and fitness goals without being intimidated by numbers on a scale. I look forward to seeing my color each day, and obtaining my daily challenges."

Love the scale and the app

"Love the scale and the app. Very motivating. It gets rid of the emotional rollercoaster of watching the scale go up and down. It keeps me motivated to continue making healthy choices."

Finally, not afraid of the scale

"Stepping on a scale has always been a source of anxiety, fear, and even shame. With Shapa I can now focus on my long-term weight goal and not a number on the scale. Shapa has transformed my weight loss journey."

Join over 100,000 men and women who’ve lost weight - and kept it off

Stay focused on the short-term behaviors that lead to long-term weight loss with Shapa.

Lose weight in your first 30 days, or your Shapa membership is free

Develop the daily habits behind permanent weight loss.

Get set up in 3 easy steps.​

1. Create your Shapa account

For your personalized program, complete the lifestyle questionnaire so Shapa’s AI can track your goals and tailor a plan that’s perfect for you.

2. Step on Shapa

See what it’s like to actually enjoy stepping on a scale for the first time when you receive your free Shapa screenless smart scale in around 7 working days.

3. Start your daily missions

Whatever your goal, Shapa helps you stay on track with daily reminders, health-focused missions and incentives that make it easy and fun to stick with your plan.

Then just monitor your progress and complete your daily missions until you’ve reached your goal and built the healthy habits behind long-term weight loss

Lose weight in your first 30 days, or your Shapa membership is free

Much more meaningful feedback

You’re not a number, so why let yourself be treated like one? Shapa’s screenless smart scale automatically scans your muscle, fat, and body weight to accurately calculate your daily progress. Minus the misleading and day-ruining weight fluctuations that ordinary scales report.

Shapa’s 5-point color system makes it easy and fun to step on the scale daily and monitor your weight.

A holistic program

Develop healthy habits that stick

Small steps lead to surprisingly big changes. Based on your current behavior, and progress, and answers to a lifestyle questionnaire, the Shapa app automatically sends two personalized AI-powered missions each day. So you build and maintain the healthy habits behind successful long-term weight loss and weight management.


Reminders make it easy to develop new routines that fit into your schedule


Stay engaged, motivated and focused on eating well and exercising more with rewards, challenges, badges, streaks, and more.


Daily missions provide small and simple tasks with built-in incentives


Progress review gives 10-day, 30-day and since-your-membership-begun views so you can see Missions completed, color history, and weigh-in history (including your actual weight - if you want to see this).


Fitness and Activity tracker provides daily feedback so you can see how far you’ve come.

Weight is only one factor

Hello support

Rough day leaving you ready to ditch your diet and exercise for the evening? Don’t let it derail you. Just log in to Shapa’s ready-to-go support system and stay focused.


Achieved a milestone? Celebrate with like-minded friends in the exclusive members-only Facebook community.


Need offline encouragement? Your membership comes with six additional seats so the whole family or household can get on board.

Meet your dedicated Shapa nutritionist - Sharone Sapir, Nutritionist, MS

Phenomenal support

If you lose weight the traditional way, your chance of keeping it off is just 20%

Watching portions. Counting calories. Going without carbs. If dropping weight is hard, keeping it off is even harder. It doesn’t matter how disciplined or dedicated you are. There’s only a slim chance you’ll lose weight permanently*.


The reason 80% of people fail to lose weight permanently: they rely on sheer determination to get through every day.


With Shapa, you don’t have to count on willpower alone. From a morning weigh-in that lets you know if you’re on track and sets a healthy intention from the start, to personalized AI-powered missions that keep you on track during the day, and support from the expert-led community and any friends or family you include in your membership, Shapa helps you maintain your motivation and build healthy habits that last a lifetime.

95% of members lose weight and keep it off in their first year with Shapa

With an industry-leadig success rate and a 30-day money-back success guarantee, it’s almost impossible NOT to develop healthy habits and lose weight permanently with Shapa.

Discover a better way to lose weight and keep it off

Here’s what you can expect with Shapa:

“It’s barely a week since I finished the calibration period, and I’m seeing results. The daily missions are easy enough to complete, and they help me focus on the bigger picture…”

“I’m not getting thrown by weight fluctuations from day to day.”

“I like the non-intrusive way the system works … the missions help me accomplish my goals by giving me a set concrete task related to healthy weight loss.”

“It’s fun to get the virtual reward badges…”

“With Shapa, I don’t have the usual butterflies of my weight being up or down. My color tells me what I need to know.”

“I feel like I’m part of a team instead of doing it all alone.”

“I love seeing my Shapa Age come down as I accomplish more missions and lose weight. Really fun!”

“This works for me. All I have to concentrate on is healthy eating and upping my movement. I’m creating new, healthy habits.”

“I feel much more in control of my weight and my future.”

“I’ve got way more motivation than I used to have.”

“It helps me stay focussed on my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 10 pounds in four months!”

“The encouragement I’m getting to move more is working, and the reward is that my color changes each time I consistently lose weight across ten days. I’m on my way to having a healthy relationship with myself (and food) for the first time in my life.”

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Shapa is available on iPhone and Android and plays nicely with your other health and fitness apps.

Choose a subscription

Lose weight and keep it off for good from as little as $2.25 per week.

6 months

$ 96
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo

12 months

$ 99 Sale ends Mar 31, 2021
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo
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18 months

$ 141 Sale ends Mar 31, 2021
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Paleo. Vegan. Low-carb. Keto. Research shows certain diets are more effective than others for different people. So it doesn’t matter which diet you choose (or even if you don’t follow a particular diet). Shapa’s designed to give you the daily feedback and support you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and stay on track.

Yes – Shapa captures body composition, including fat mass and muscle mass (in addition to overall weight). You’ll find body composition information in the app on your mobile phone.

No. If you end your subscription you can keep it and resubscribe at any time.

Yes – if you need to be away from your Shapa scale for an extended period of time, just reach out to our team ( By the way – the Shapa scale loves to travel and won’t take up much room in your suitcase. 😃

No. Each license key for the program supports up to 7 different accounts. Your family member just creates their own account in the Shapa app, enters the primary account holder’s license key and they’re good to go.

Shapa is HIPAA compliant. We take data privacy very seriously and have health and medical-industry standard policies to ensure your data always remains secure and confidential.

Step off the yo-yo diet treadmill now

Trusted by over 112,475 members  |  95% success rate  |  30-day money-back guarantee

*Long-term weight-loss maintenance: A meta-analysis of US studies. Am J Clin Nutr 2001;74(5):579–584.

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