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Build healthy habits with Shapa - a numberless scale and an app focused on making you feel confident on your health journey.

Risk-Free: 30-day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

75% of Shapa users reached & kept their ideal weight!

"How can a numberless scale work?"

The Problem with Traditional Scales


Watch the video below to understand the problem with the common scale and how Shapa can help you achieve your health and wellness goals in a much better way.

Normal scales don’t give us the full picture of our health journey.

Our bodies are complex and our weight doesn’t necessarily correspond with consistent exercise or consuming healthy food.


It takes 8-14 days for your body to react to your exercise & dieting efforts!


Often times our weight goes up despite the efforts you put in (don’t forget, muscle weights more than fat after all).


Checking our weight every day exposes us to the stress of weight fluctuations.


This is why normal scales can be misleading, demotivating and usually leave us confused and frustrated.

The Solution

By examining your weight fluctuations, this revolutionary Shapa scale understands your average weight and gives meaningful feedback about your true weight changes.

Shapa helps you avoid stress and keep the confidence you need to continue on your journey.

What do the Shapa Colors mean?

To understand your daily fluctuations, Shapa will ask you to step on the scale twice a day for 10 days. By doing so, it determines your baseline weight and provides you with your first Shapa color.


Shapa looks at your trend over the past few days and compares it to the past few weeks. With the Shapa Color, you know if the changes you’ve been making recently are getting you closer to, or farther from, your goal. Your color will not change daily but may change once, maybe twice, in a week depending on your overall progress.


The color feedback is personalized and confirms whether it’s a true weight change or simply a natural fluctuation.

Shapa will help you to:

Over 112,475 Shapa users have successfully lost weight and kept it off – without drastic dieting or crazy amounts of exercise.

Shapa helps you achieve long-term weight loss

Shapa is guaranteed to help you lose weight – by providing accurate daily feedback on your progress, keeping you motivated with health-focused missions and helping you stay on track with expert-led community support.

Risk-Free: 30-day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Tour the Shapa App

Roll over each feature of the Shapa personalized app to reveal a screenshot and see how Shapa’s innovative app works to integrate healthy behaviors into your daily routine.

Shapa Color

Shapa simplifies your body's natural weight fluctuations with an easy to understand 5-color scale. So you get the feedback you need to succeed.


Stay engaged, motivated and focused on eating well and exercising more with rewards, challenges, badges, streaks, and more.

Mindful Eating Log

Tracking your hunger before each meal and fullness afterward creates a more mindful eating experience and allows Shapa to provide you real time color feedback on the direction your eating habits are trending.

Personalized Missions

Daily missions provide small and simple tasks with built-in incentives.


Progress review gives 10-day, 30-day and since-your-membership-begun views so you can see Missions completed, color history, and weigh-in history (including your actual weight - if you want to see this).

Get more from your favorite health and fitness apps

Shapa is available on iPhone and Android and plays nicely with your other health and fitness apps.

Choose a subscription

Lose weight and keep it off for good from as little as $2.25 per week.

6 months

$ 96
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo

12 months

$ 120
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo
Most popular

18 months

$ 162
  • Includes screenless smart scale (free shipping in the USA)
  • Personalized daily AI-driven missions
  • All-access to expert-led Shapa community
  • Up to 6 seats per membership
  • Billed once then $9.99/mo

Frequently asked questions

Shapa was developed by internationally respected behavioral scientist and professor at Duke University, Dan Ariely, and is based on key principles from behavioral economics. Analysis of Shapa members show 95% of people either lose or maintain their weight over a 12-month period.

When you get your Shapa numberless scale, there’s a 10-day calibration period. This establishes your baseline metrics so you can start using all Shapa features.

Yes – Shapa captures body composition, including fat mass and muscle mass (in addition to overall weight). You’ll find body composition information in the app on your mobile phone.

Shapa is intended to give you more clear and consistent feedback about how you are doing on your health journey within your body’s natural fluctuations. After a few weeks of using Shapa, you can choose to unlock your Weight History under Progress Review in the app. If you choose to unlock your Weight History, Shapa will show you your starting weight (based on an average of your first 10 measurements) and your current weight (based on an average of your most recent 10 measurements).

Shapa is not a diet program and is not associated with a specific diet. While we highly recommend eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, our goal is to help you create a balanced lifestyle that matches your life and your needs rather than a short term restrictive diet.

Yes. Paleo. Vegan. Low-carb. Keto. Research shows certain diets are more effective than others for different people. So it doesn’t matter which diet you choose (or even if you don’t follow a particular diet). Shapa’s designed to give you the daily feedback and support you need to sustain a healthy lifestyle and stay on track.

We recommend stepping on your scale at the same time each morning and logging your hunger and fullness with each meal daily. The consistency of these habits leads to more accurate color feedback on your weight and eating trends.

No. If you end your subscription you can keep it and resubscribe at any time.

Yes – if you need to be away from your Shapa scale for an extended period of time, just reach out to our team (

No. Each license key for the program supports up to 7 different accounts. Your family member just creates their own account in the Shapa app, enters the primary account holder’s license key and they’re good to go. (By the way: they won’t be able to see your data 😀).

Shapa is HIPAA compliant. We take data privacy very seriously and have health and medical-industry standard policies to ensure your data always remains secure and confidential.

Step off the yo-yo diet treadmill

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*Long-term weight-loss maintenance: A meta-analysis of US studies. Am J Clin Nutr 2001;74(5):579–584.

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